A #BoozelessXmas Pledge VIDEO

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I know, I know!  I said I’d blog every day, but the past two days have been manic at work and I’ve had (sober) stuff on in the evenings.  Sat here now as I type this, it’s been 11 days since I last had a sip.  I’m not showing off by saying this, it hasn’t been hard, merely stating where I’m up to.

I went to my work Christmas party yesterday, and I have to admit that felt a bit sad stood at the bar requesting a soda water, whilst everyone around me ordered their craft ales, white wines and Aperol spritz.  My sadness turned to anger when I got home late last night and realised I’d been charged $6.60 for that soda water.  I wouldn’t have minded so much, but it was a small glass, and it was stacked full of ice.  I reckon I got about 5 sips out of that drink, $1.30 per sip.  World’s gone mad I tell ya.

On Monday (day 9) I got home and simply couldn’t face the laptop, so I recorded a little video instead – it’s linked to below.  Have a watch and let me know your thoughts.

Day 11 update: I woke up and punched out 125 press-ups in 10 mins this morning, didn’t even feel particularly tired .  I tried this same challenge about 3 weeks ago and ran out of steam at around the 100-mark.

Yesterday I ran 2 kilometres on the soft sand without stopping, and then ran interval sprints, also on the soft sand.  If you haven’t run on soft sand, let me tell you, it is a bitch of a workout for the legs.  Weirdly I woke up today with my legs feeling absolutely fine.  I was expecting them to be screaming at me.

The lesson here is that there is obviously good reason why a boxer before a fight, or a runner before a marathon, cut out the booze whilst training.  If you’re boozing it will hamper your progress.  Common sense suggests to me that taking the same action will reduce the drag on my body’s ability to heal from a position of disease – I talk more to this in the video below.  Enjoy.

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